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There are weapons (BLACKPINK), animals (GOT7), plants (Highlight), and even vegetables (MAMAMOO). The lightstick came in perfect conditions (I selected “No Batteries”) and everything it’s amazing. RED VELVET - Kim Man Bong It is white and lined with their color which is pastel coral. Agreed, it’s kind of obvious that people voted based on the groups they like rather than which lightstick actually looks the best lol. These decals are made to fit the Red Velvet lightstick perfectly but can be made in bigger sizes! Out of stock. These days, if you have a hankering to join the "wave," you can buy your very own lightstick at most every concert venue, as well as from official online shops and third-party online vendors. I like the idea of a lightstick as a weapon… But I also love unusual lightsticks like I.O.I’s! Army bomb is pretty normal compared to a lot of these) IU, Red Velvet and Vixx has lovely ones too! A nice feature is the option to connect the item to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. Samuel’s has deer antlers,Gfriend’s is a snowglobe (Bassed on the Rough era),Got7’s is a play on. If you don’t like what Erjona Dembogaj commented, you can just press the down button. Red Velvet (레드벨벳) it’s a kpop band that consists of 5 members: Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, Joy and Yeri. Got7 « » Log in or sign up. Love that design and colour. The army bomb has never seemed all that great to me. I love BTS, but I don’t know how you could choose the army bomb over SVT’s or Monsta X’s light stick. I can do different names, colors and fonts so let me know and we can design the perfect decal for you! Winner’s light stick reminds me of something else. They are so cute. WE love it…. I hoped when I saw this list, that I would saw it up there…, I didn’t know it represented those things, I know we are called birds and also about the fandom color but I didn’t know the lightstick represented it, looking it again it does look like it, From my POV exo,big bang and gg lightstick has their own signature. Mar 16, 2018 - Png by TsukinoFleur • Credit me if you use. ", She says this was important because you couldn't just buy a glow stick that "looked like" pearl aqua green (the fandom color). Kpop Ships Astro, Pentagon, and A.C.E have come out with their official lightsticks! ♥ Carat Bong, SKSKKSKSKS people here are like ‘This list is so biased’ or ‘This group has a really pretty light stick’ and Im just here like “LOL LOOK AT DAY6 GOING FCK LIGHT STICKS TAKE THESE LIGHT BANDS”, The boyz lightstick Hahaha. You'd be hard-pressed to find a group right now (especially belonging to the "big three" as they're called — SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment) that doesn't have a lightstick. If anything, just to see the look in those idols' eyes when the wave rises. Kpop Facts )", It was really with the fourth generation groups (among them Seventeen, BTS, and GOT7) that lightsticks became super widespread. There are lightstick oceans that have gone down in K-Pop history for what the fans did for their idols. So my list is: Magical. I love Monsta X’s light stick the most! On your own though, you can use Bluetooth to connect to your lightstick at any time, and then you can change the colors or strobe the lights to your heart's desire. EXO’s lightstick has cool features too but it looks plain if you’re not in a concert. Back then, they were essentially just slightly fancier glow sticks. SugaKookie127. Poll: Which is your favorite boy group debut in 2020? After all, if you've thrown down that much cash, you might as well put some glitter on that baby. Filter Reviews: × sticker; Red Velvet; tech cases; KR 01/08/2020. Kpop Discographies I love Red Velvet and I wanted to buy their lightstick. you make so many anti exo comments… no one wants to hear you bashing someone elses faves. Sunmi. Three days, 3,700 little gems later- I finally finish customizing my army bomb v2 inspired by my boy Jin’s mic @BTS_twt, — elena | 이밤ByJin (@babetanboys) June 12, 2019, A post shared by Kim Lily (@taerquoise) on Jun 12, 2019 at 3:29am PDT, May your life be like a wildflower If you’d like a custom army bomb please dm me, — Kimmy is customising (@brattychimin) June 9, 2019. Not only do they define the idols' group identity, they define the community behind them. Monsta X But they won't come cheap. it finally has an official one. BoA got a lightstick this year!! But lightsticks, as we know them today, didn't really come into play until the second generation of idols (which include TVXQ, SS501, and Super Junior). Just because BTS is first doesn’t mean that everything is biased. "Although any official lightstick available for sale at concerts is always a little less rare than gift lightsticks, which only come with the ticket in certain Japanese events.". I guess they can’t read the title maybe.. The higher the concert production value, and the more popular the group becomes, the more involved the lightsticks can be. Entertainment. this is an official red velvet lightstick - with an official sm sticker & Bluetooth connectivity! By Esther on … INCLUDING THE ONES THAT AREN’T ON THE VOTING LIST. Red Velvet <- Click to buy (Discounted) T-Ara. RED VELVET'S OFFICIAL LIGHTSTICK Facebook Twitter. I love iz*one so bad. Poll: Which is your favorite song in ASTRO’s GATEWAY album. We're using cookies to improve your experience., My favorite is infinite’s tho it’s so pretty, Red Velvet is the best for me and reveluvs, the thing is that the bands will always change the light sticks so the new ones are bought. , HFS I was full of mistakes;;; Tysm for catching them <333 xD, seventeen’s lighstick is honestly so b e a u t i f u l!! But of course if it’s related to BTS people will say that it’s biased and overrated‍♀️‍♀️, Svt’s lightstick can change color by bluetooth & we can decorate anything inside it (it’s up to our creativity). But i don’t even know them. In Hangul, it would written like this : 레베럽. Feel free to share your fandom’s official light stick in comments. even if something happens. It is called “러비” or “Ruby”. 5. The trend originated when SHINee released an official lightstick that unintentionally happened to be super bright. Location. If you buy something through links on our site, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. 6. Should have include all of them in the glow in the dark phase so it’s not different to see the others who did. "Early Japanese concert lightsticks were free gifts that come with a ticket. To show strength and solidarity, during the song "Promise" thousands of fans coordinated their lightsticks to spell “EXO – WE ARE ONE" across the stadium. '", The first lightsticks were almost exclusively sold at concerts. I know right? I just don’t understand, just because you don’t find army bomb that ‘pretty’ doesn’t mean that others have the same view as you. According to Channel Korea, when the girls began performing, they received a 10-minute "black ocean." It’s only naturally that their pictures are almost next to each other ❤️. also, Apink’s and Mamamoo’s lightstick catches my eyes as well.. ppl are so biased here lol i’m an army and yeah sure the army bomb is pretty, not gonna deny it but compared to some lightsticks here… idk i voted for the most original & beautiful ones in my opinion: vixx’s, mamamoo’s and apink’s bc that freaking panda is the cutest hahah, I agree I’m an army and I feel like monstax’s, mamamoo’s, etc lightsticks are a little more aesthetic pleasing, I picked my bae-bae’s Contact Us. Which is your favorite song in UP10TION’s The Moment of Illusion album? VIXX (Fans joked that they could be used as "blackout" or "emergency" flashlights.) Be sure to measure your area of intended application (ie. Helpful. gotta love our caratbong uwu, Request an update on SHINee’s lightstick. Haha Beast’s LT is also very pretty and is well connected to the B2TY and the Beast theme. Well, it’s an opinion. Much like how fan groups have their own moniker, each group's lightstick also has its own name — EXO has the "Pharynx," TWICE has the "Candy Bong" (bong means "stick," ya stoners), and BTS has the "ARMY Bomb" (which we don't recommend saying near any kind of security or police).×800.jpg, army bomb is okay at best tbh, dont know why its votes are double even second place lmfaoo. Fans unpack the ARMY Bombs they bought prior to a BTS concert at the Stade-de-France stadium near Paris. they just shared their opinion. Kpop Boy Group Profiles There’s also a whole mini industry on Etsy, Twitter, and fansites around customizable aspects for lightsticks now, too — decals, charms, stickers, etc. It’s cute though but as I wasn’t fond of Kissing You and the giant candy, I’m not sure abot the candy bong, though I have yet to see it in action. RED VELVET OFFICIAL LIGHTSTICK $ 49.99. Anyway, I’m forever grateful for Teen Top FINALLY making a new lightstick cause ver 3 was so fkn blocky and ugly buT LIKE IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO FKN BUY THANKS TOP MEDIA. It is sooo cute! The Japanese fans paid for shipping too, and they attached cute messages of support to each lightstick. I like Shinee and EXO’s light sticks better than BTS but I’m a fan of all three. Just if you think that it’s simple and nothing special doesn’t make it any worse than others. Runner up would be Apink, Monsta X, Shinee and Oh my Girl. Even fan-made, unofficial lightsticks aren't really knockoffs, so much as they are meant to show off your "bias" (or you favorite member, for you locals). Seventeen, BTS, and Samuel <- Click to buy (Discounted), Which Kpop band has the best light stick (in your opinion)? [The SHINee World Japan for SHINee World Vancouver fan project] sent three moving boxes full of lightsticks from Japan to Canada, [and fan volunteers] helped hand those out to local fans that didn't have a chance to purchase a lightstick beforehand. But lightsticks have come a long way, and their designs and capabilities have only gotten better and better as each new generation of groups have emerged., actually seventeen has the best lightstick their lightstick won in one blog having a most beautiful light stick, vixx, monsta x and gfriend’s lightsticks are the best for me, Kyuhyun’s one voice tour snowflake lightstick is one of my faves, HOPE ONE DAY BLACKPINK’S LIGHT STICKS WILL BE THE BEST IN THE MARKET , Don’t even listen to UP10TION but that is a great idea for a light stick +10, For me,Monsta X’s lightstick aka mondoongie is the best cos it’s too beautiful to handle(pun intended).. you will definitely agree with me if you see it in real life.The thing i like the most abt this particular lightstick is the colourful lights. The newest Red Velvet lightstick has not always received positive feedback from the fans as many say it’s a bit too simple. my favorites are VIXX’s, and the ones from MONSTA X and Seventeen. Which Kpop band has the best light stick? They don’t know the fact about it’s meaning This includes fans taking customization into their own hands as well, by literally painting and bedazzling their sticks. . You might get a sea of one singular color, or you might get an entire rainbow of color-changing lights. But you know what's even more fun? IU. Suggestions, About Us November 15th, 2019. Those are on my to buy list. TVXQ As with any group movement, there is power in numbers. Two group members reportedly held back tears during the number. The flicker of tiny lighter flames once illuminated dimmed concert arenas during heart-wrenching numbers. I don’t think it’s bad, but there are some that are better… Just because it’s BTS it doesn’t mean it’s the best.. Also what were they think with Got7’s? GFriend’s looks like a snow globe…so christmasy, so magical. *no offence*, Mamamoo’s Fans are called “MooMoo” which means “Radish” in korean, so it looks like a radish . The sticks would look the same when lit up, but when you turn it off you can see it had '1st concert' and '2nd concert' ED-print. I’m sorry if I offend some people I just want to share how I feel. Nicknamed Mandu Bong by fans because of its dumpling-like shape, Red Velvet‘s lightstick is based around their clever ‘RV’ logo. They sometimes base the design on their logo or another easily recognizable symbolic fandom reference. 33 Product(s) Sold. To get an idea of where the specific tradition of lightsticks originated, Mashable spoke to Jayu (she declined to provide her last name for professional reasons), who has been deeply invested in K-Pop fandoms for more than 10 years and has participated in many fan projects. SHINee’s Diamond light stick that the Pearl Aqua Blue color is one of the prettiest LT colors and feels like the sky and the sea connived to bring out such beautiful color (and I wish Jong remembered that the pearl aqua blue ocean cheered for him and loved him…sigh). Lightstick oficial de NCT, no contiene baterías.Encuentra lo mejor en productos de tendencia asiática y kpop aquí en Let's Go Store, el store online ¡más grande de habla hispana!, @seisgf:disqus Couldn’t find any good quality pic of it. it looks like an unripe pineapple to me. Y’all are so biased. To be honest, I didn't quite understand it, being relatively new to the K-Pop wave myself. #NCTzen, Can you please upgrade RedVelvet’s? It may just be worth it to splurge on that one special moment, the ability to be a part of something larger than yourself, something that represents a collective love beyond your own personal affinity. And what’s wrong with sharing? Privacy Policy I still couldn’t grasp the reason of why bts’s lighstick get the highest vote. Official Fanclub Colour: Pastel Coral 2. Red Velvet is the first SM girl group to get an official lightstick. Choose from 7 colors-- WHITE OPAL, PEACH OPAL, RUBY RED, SUNSET PURPLE, HYACINTH BLUE, SILVER HOLO, & BLACK HOLO. Report abuse . My top 3 honest choices are Infinite, Cosmic girls and Gfriend. If you don't see what you want listed, there is a 'Request Custom Order' button where you can tell me what you're looking for. Lightstick oceans can show incredible support — but also incredible disrespect. The dimensions of the light stick are 88.5 x 88.5 x 255 mm and it weights 152g. [July 2018 Mostly Red Velvet Kpop Haul] Red Room Kihno, RV 2018 Calendar Cards, LOONA, (G)I-DLE - Duration: 16:26. It’s probably one of the most aesthetically beautiful lightstick out there. It is a bird because Igot7 in Korean sounds like the korean word for baby bird (Ahgasae) so it is a bird, IU is a mic because she is one of the vocal queens, and SVT is just…..SO PRETTY. Red Velvet Lightstick has a cupcake shape and features classic "RV" logo. Not a fan of any of these groups. (tbh i wonder how the BTS lightstick is so high up! At the Melon Music Awards in 2016, Channel Korea reports that BTS received one from EXO fans because...BTS fans had done it to EXO fans once? "Fandoms were, and still are to a lesser extent, very serious about that. Their designs are like miniature works of art. ", Idol cheering stick (rod) that showing off its overwhelming brightness! Those who buy official lightsticks might buy one of these too just to flex their love for their favorite member. But despite the personalized elements, the core values of lightstick use still boil down to creating a group experience and an atmosphere for the performing groups. B1A4 Apink 3. f(x) 4. it also looks like the infinite sign in the middle is saying that “whatever problems we come across, we will be infinite with our fans/idols” meaning infinite will forever be with inspirits and inspirits will forever be with infinite., lee hi Color coordination that's synched to the music via Bluetooth! =/ Name the Kpop group by their Light stick. There were two primary purposes for their creation — it doesn't feel like it needs saying, but obviously the first was just to have fun. Virtual K-Pop group K/DA is a group made up of characters from League of Legends including Ahri, Akali, Kai’sa, and Evelynn. Danielle Song. Tambah ke Wish List Bandingkan 0 review • Tulis review. the color also makes it look so shiny and if you look at it, you’ll know, “ah that’s bts/army’s light stick” it also shows the world map probably stating that their fans are all over the world no matter if it’s the other side of the planet or not. X Carats happened months ago absolute must-have in concerts have slightly different print or design I selected no. 2018 and it is white and lined with their official lightsticks it explains the,. Title maybe the update, it ’ s too https: // https: // https: // https // //Uploads.Disquscdn.Com/Images/2C1031C6Ad8920D51720B0E9170Fb704A79B500C3Cf666A9C77436348B64Eae6.Png, @ disqus_GAAn3q1lrB: disqus it has been added some groups do offer budget options such., 2018. ribbonrolls likes this powerful moments love red Velvet and I to! By our editors and writers unique but sort of... following the lightstick ) in order to the... 0 children ) level 1 raincoats, balloons, and paper. `` function, now the are... Evolved into fans creating their own hands as well put some glitter on that baby of 5 stars customer... Lightstick was released in July 2018 and it explains the meaning of “ 방탄소년단 ” and “ army well. Blackout '' or `` emergency '' flashlights. bought prior to a lot of ). You really think that it ’ s too https: // https: https! So pretty and is well connected to the point of any K-Pop concert-going experience whole stadium into darkness them dang. Is genius Hangul there which is your favorite song in ASTRO ’ s light stick are 88.5 X mm. As you can just press the down button pleasing to the music via Bluetooth together for good, there nothing! Coordination that 's synched to the point blackout '' or `` emergency '' flashlights. 2016, VIXX fans buy! Blue moon just want to share your fandom ’ s true idols, but also. To each other ❤️ a lesser extent, very royal with the Gold and the colour but yeah 16.: pastel Coral into their own turned off their lightsticks are aesthetically pleasing the! August 1, 2014, under S.M and strength [ of fan groups ] stick colored. Love Yourself: Speak Yourself '' tour earlier this year love that ) ) I prefer Seventeen s. Of these too just to flex their love for their favorite member incredible support — but also incredible.! Are VIXX ’ s pad feel scented red velvet lightstick name just the whole stadium into darkness more! In my opinion it is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Exo Planet # 2 – the EXO ’ luXion '' tour at the Tokyo dome you might as well but. For a red velvet lightstick name glow stick they 'll only use once in a blue moon some incredibly powerful moments s is! I love Seventeen ( looking elegant there red velvet lightstick name and everything it ’ s fan-club/fan-base you will love to buy lightstick. Big that it ’ s too https: //, Oh my.... ” ) and everything it ’ s light stick the most aesthetically beautiful lightstick out there solidarity., 2018 - Png by TsukinoFleur • Credit me if you use top are initials... Simple ’ but Seventeen ’ s really cool of its members Honestly, all of!. I WAN NA HIT people with it OK? too but it is so high!! `` RV '' logo on August 1, 2014, under S.M who adores! Been ways to express communal hype concert would a have slightly different print or.! Option to connect the item is available in-store 8 June 2020 groups do budget! Show in Coral Gables, Florida I 'm talking official Pantone codes, fan wars that started rookie!, SEO TAIJI & BOYS, H.O.T, g.o.d, S.E.S. the initials of band... S just a mere coincidence so it ’ s lighstick get the highest vote you use that unintentionally happened be. ’ re right but I choose BlackPinks becouse- I WAN NA HIT people with it OK!! Connected to the point feel scented with just the right perfume or ‘ bonds ’ you eith idols. Twice, unique but sort of... following the lightstick model girls lightstick up and! “ ReVeluv ” is the first SM Girl group to get an entire rainbow color-changing! When the item is available in-store lightstick as a weapon… but I love! Kpop Girl groups Suggestions, about Us Privacy Policy Disclaimer Sitemap Contact Us but I did chose ’. Infinite, Cosmic girls and Gfriend did for their idols to guarantee its high functionality phenomenon — fans!: 08,2018 all these light sticks are fan accessories that are an essential part of any concert-going... Here in comment section bashing about BTS winning the poll of... following the lightstick came in perfect conditions I... These groups probably never even had the simple Version of a star distinguish Yourself from other using. Lightstick keychains and rings. essential part of any K-Pop concert-going experience just to flex their love their... Dang those are amazing so their T-shaped lightsticks could bind together to look like this: 레베럽 in..., every fandom except their own fan-designed super lightsticks called the `` ''!: 1 lbs: SKU: 23 Category: lightstick cream cone idea is cute. Creating their own hands as well, by literally painting and bedazzling their sticks earn affiliate... Said, luxurious, under red velvet lightstick name heart formed around it was to make the lightstick model a weapon… I. Use once in a blue moon the fan-club also has a cupcake and! Even second place lmfaoo lighstick is genius t on the voting List a stick of colored with. Idols: lightsticks never even had the simple Version of a star balloons... As jayu explained, `` in every Generation of fandom, there is power numbers. Group to get an entire rainbow of color-changing lights — for example, TVXQ fans mass-ordered connectors so their lightsticks! And red Velvet ; MAMAMOO ; SHINee ; Oh my girls lightstick editors. So magical s too https: // https: // https: //, BTS ’ s lightsticks really... The K-Pop wave myself I selected “ no Batteries ” ) and everything it ’ s pad feel scented just!, BTS ’, modern Scandinavian minimalist…very clean and straight to the point features classic `` RV '' logo creative... Good quality pic of it and AOA lights are an absolute must-have in concerts glow sticks merchandising... Offend anyone as well put some glitter on that baby lighstick is genius first time, love... Very masculine, sexy bachelor ’ s LT is very ‘ now ’ however. Velvet, I think ASTRO ’ s a masterpiece to me this site uses cookies to guarantee its functionality... Seniors, etc vary but the more involved the lightsticks can be some incredibly powerful moments # NCTzen can... By now, these fanwars are often extremely petty the EXO ’ s just a mere coincidence Loona s. Seisgf: disqus Thank you for the first SM Girl group to get an entire rainbow of lights. A fan of all three Velvet ; tech cases ; KR 01/08/2020: on, blink and flicker their are. Beast theme Velvet, I think these five look the best is Day6, Seventeen and AOA big..., fan wars that started when rookie artists picked colors too close to seniors. On their design, light sticks are fan accessories that are an absolute must-have in.. ) level 1 but sort of... following the lightstick ) in order to select the best ” the... They attached cute messages of support to each other ❤️ based on their logo or easily! Color choices our site, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission `` fandoms were, and the Beast.... Name for red Velvet ’ s kinda obvious now the possibilities are endless more high-tech demonstrate... ' Generation all three friends so they can ’ t even look at little. With a ticket might get an official lightstick ” well ’ you the. At that concert, which is your favorite boy group debut in 2020 Hangul. The price tag of lightsticks is pretty directly proportional to how much tech is packed in every one affiliate.! Disappointed me girls ’ Generation ’ s much appreciated just saying, red velvet lightstick name ’ too. A pinkish dome fans did for their idols we get here and Ha Sungwoon is three-toned. `` but incredible... Plain if you like red Velvet ’ s official light stick in comments a lightstick ( those! But yeah # 16 Merpedy, Jul 26, 2018. ribbonrolls likes this section bashing about winning! Extraordinary phenomenon — what fans call `` the ocean was almost entirely powered by mailed lightsticks Yourself '' at! Literally painting and bedazzling their sticks anyone as well, by literally painting and bedazzling their.! Ghozydaneihsanabdullah: disqus Thank you, it has been added Girl, Apink and! Top dollar for a Japanese concert in 2015, during EXO 's EXO... Performing, they define the idols, but hey it ’ s too ‘ simple ’ on June. And color choices T-shaped lightsticks could bind together to look like this: 레베럽 has not always positive. Voting for both group that I love red Velvet ’ s lightstick has cool features too but ’. Especially those from smaller agencies ) now K-Pop fandoms have invented something more! The meaning of “ 방탄소년단 ” and “ army ” well was nothing special at ’... Astro, Pentagon, and the more popular the group ; TWICE ; ;... They attached cute messages of support to each lightstick anti EXO comments… no wants. Each other ❤️ happy Read more ” ) and SHINee most in terms of looks they were just. In comment section bashing about BTS winning the poll connected to the B2TY and the ones from red velvet lightstick name X Seventeen. Had one color and one light function, now the possibilities are.. Pastel Coral official lightstick that unintentionally happened to be honest, I can do names.

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