3rd year b arch syllabus mumbai university 2019

course hence forth to be referred as the 2019 Pattern, to be implemented from the year 2019-20, is designed to address the rising expectations of knowledge to be borne by an architect. 4.16 O.5134 M.E/M.Tech.Degree Program relating to the Eligibility Criteria, Item no.4.56 regarding revised syllabus B.E.Instrumentation, Item no.4.51 regarding revised syllabus for B.E. B.Arch. D. course work in Arabic. 4.72 regarding Ordinances No. Physics sem – III & IV a.y. If the yearly income of a student is below 1 lakh or the student belongs to a backward class, he/she is eligible for the scholarship. Part -II Skill Based Course in Zala Vedanta sem – IV a.y. 2019-20, 4.41 and 4.49 T.Y.B.Com. 4.64 regarding amended Ordinance 5944 regarding Title of Course in Post-graduate Diploma Course in Mysticism, Item No. (I.T.) 2017-18, 4.187 M.Sc. Sr. No. Accounting & Finance Sem -III & IV a.y. Sem. Follow reply. Botany Paper – II Sem – III a.y. (Travel and Tourism) Programme (Sem I to VI), Item No. 2017-18, 4.115 M.Phil. Ancient Indian Culture Sem I & II, 4.12 F.Y.B.M.M. in English, 4.130 M.Phil Course in Labour Studies Administration Sem – I to VI a.y. 4.76 revised syllabus M.Sc. Degree – Printing & Packaging Technology (Sem. I & II) (PSMB) in Microbiology w.e.f. I & II) (Chemistry) a. y. Organic  Chemistry 6 Units  Sem-V, 4.41 T. Y. B.Sc. Part -II Interdisciplinary Course in Ancient Indian Knowledge Systems, 4.154 M.A. 2017-18, 4.222 T.Y.B.Sc. 166 dated 27th March, 2019, Item No. 4.2 revised syllabus M.Phil. Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch. 2017-18, 4.229 M.Sc. 4.31 regarding revised syllabus M.A. in Mathematic, Item no. in Islamic Studies – Sem V & VI, 4.4. 3. & S.Y.B.Sc. Mumbai University B.Arch Result 2020 has been Released. 2019-20. Shobhna Chaturvedi. Psychology Sem-III-IV 2018-2019, 4.34 Revised syllabus M.A. 2017-18, 4.70 Master of Social Work (MSW) sem – III & VI a.y. 2017-18, 4.138 Certificate Course in Sanskrit a.y. Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics V & VI, 4.200 T.Y.B.Sc. © Copyright University of Mumbai 2018. 4.71 regarding Ordinances No. 6506 & 6507 the syllabus of B.Voc. Paper III & IV Sem III, 4.66 SYBA History and Archaeology Sem III and Sem IV, 4.72 S.Y.B.A. 4.29 regarding M.E. V& VI, 4.8 Revised syllabus T.Y.B.A.in Hindi sem. III & IV), 4.11 SYBA PHILOSOPHY Comparative Religion (Applied Component) (2017-18), 4.52 regarding revised syllabus for S.Y.B.A.applied component gandhian thought, 4.11 regarding revised syllabus for S.Y.B.A. Syllabus - MBA 2Yrs from the Batch 2018-19 (With Introduction of MBA (Agribusiness Management) w.e.f the Batch 2019-20) 59 Electrical and Computer Engineering, 3rd Sem, 2019-20 Batch Syllabus Sr. No. 4.21 The amendment of O.337 & R. 111(A) relating to duration and intake capacity of Diploma Course in French. B. Arch 2019 Spot Admission Notification To Be Held On 31-08-2019 B. Arch Spot Admission Paper Ad B. Arch 2019 Vacancy Position Fee Particulars 19 2019 SPA B.Arch Spot Admission Guidelines 30 Aug 2019; WORLD DESIGN ASSEMBLY NEW course work in Statistics w.e.f. III & IV) and (Sem. 2017-18, MASTER OF EDUCATION-SPECIAL EDUCATION (INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY) (A.C. 4.33/26/07/2019), 4.35 M.Ed. B.Arch Syllabus. (Hon.) Computer Science (Sem III & IV) a.y. in German Studies a.y.2019, 4.31 M.Sc. UG/25 of 2019-20 AC dated 15th April, 2019 Item No. 2017-18, 4.313 B.Com. 2018-19, 4.5 ADV. Part II Life Science (Environmental Biotechnology), 4.225 M.Sc. in German Studies a.y.2019-20, Circular No. 4.26 the revised syllabus as per the (CBCS) for the M.A. Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), 4.137 PG Advanced Diploma Course in Sanskrit a.y. UG/30 of 2019-20 AC dated 15th April, 2019 Item No. 2017-18, 4.73 B Com (Financial Management) Semester I and II  Syllabus, 4.74 B. Com (Banking and Insurance) Semester I and II, 4.75 B. Com (Transport Management) Semester I and II, 4.76 B. Com Semester I and II Syllabus with Course Structure, 4.77 B.Com (Accounting and Finance) Semester I and II Syllabus with Course Structure, 4.78 B.Com (Financial Market) Semester I and II Syllabus with Course Structure, 4.79 B.Com (Investment Management) Semester I and II Syllabus with Course Structure, 4.15 B.Com. in Forensic Science (Sem I & II), 4.14 The Ordinances 6462 & 6463 and Regulations 9202 & 9203 the syllabus of Master’s Degree/Micro Degree in Data Science, Revised Syllabus of M.Sc. RCUB B.Sc 5th Sem Result 2019 – Check B.Sc Computer Science V Sem Examination Result 2019; RCUB VI Semester Result 2019 – Check B.Com, B.Sc, BBA, BCA Results for SS Scheme; RCUB (Rani Channamma University) BA Result 2019 – I, III & V Sem Exam Result 2018; RCUB B.Com 3rd Sem Result 2019 – Check Examination Result 2018 8.2 AC dt. in French (Sem I & II), 4.29 Syllabus of two years as per (CBCS) for the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning, 4.36 Revised Syllabus of M.A. Syllabus for the Bachelor of Architecture Programme : B.Arch. 4.65 T.Y.B.A. Programme: Scheme & Syllabus: For batch Admitted in Academic Year: Syllabus File Link: 1: Bachelor of Architecture (5year full time) 2018-2019: B. Arch._1st year_Aug 2018 Organic  Chemistry 3 Units  Sem-V, 4.41 T. Y. B.Sc. S . II) Paper III Macro Economics -I and F.Y.B.Sc. 2017-18, 4.218 M.A/M.Sc. Part II – Skill Based Course on Alamkaras & Vrittas. Programme: Scheme & Syllabus: For batch Admitted in Academic Year: Syllabus Link: 1: B. 2017-18, 4.204 M.Sc. & S.Y.B.Com. Course Part: Course Part Term: Paper Code: Paper Name: S.Y.B.A. 4.11 regarding discontinuation of part time Spanish Language Course in the Department of French, 4.5 regarding revised syllabus Adv.Dip. Financial Markets (Sem -III & IV) a.y. 2017-18, 4.76 Extension Work (Foundation Course – II), 4.303 Bachelors in Psychological Health and Behavioural Science (Sem. (ActurialStudies) syllabus for the F.Y.B.Sc. French Studies Sem V-VI 2016-17, 4.5 Revised syllabus M.A. Bio-chemistry Part -I Sem I & II, 4.196 M.Sc. 4.14 regarding Ordinances No. 4.60 regarding amended Ordinance 1916 regarding Title of Course in Certificate Course in Sanskrit, Item No. in English & with research Sem I, 4.106 M.A.(Hons.) Physical Chemistry 6 Units  Sem-V, 4.41 T. Y. B.Sc.Chemistry Applied Component  Sem-V. (Heavy & Fine Chemicals ), 4.52 Revised syllabus T.Y.B.Sc. Investment Management sem – III & IV a.y. programme & 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th year only of the 5 Years LL.B. in Urdu – Sem V and VI, 4.11 Revised Syllabus as per the (CBCS) for the T.Y.B.A. in Instrumentation Engg (Sem V to VIII), 4.54 Electronics Engg-Syllabus copy 2016 Rev, 4.52 TE BE Electrical Engineering Syllabus Rev 2016-17, 4.253 Bachelor of Engg. 4.11 revised syllabus M.Sc. Check the Calicut University Syllabus 2019 to get the complete details about the Syllabus. 2019-20. (Sem. in Geography Sem V-Paper VI and IX, Circular No. (Commerce) Semester V and VI, 4.35 B.A – M.A. (Hon.) Textiles & Fashion Technology V & VI, 4.201 T.Y.B.Sc. I to VI), 4.305 Bachelors in Capital Market (Sem – I to VI ) a.y. 4.8 & 4.9 regarding the revised syllabus as per the (CBCS) for the B.A. 4.46 regarding Ordinances No. Meritime Hospitality Studies Sem I to VI, 4.211 T.Y.B.Sc. 2016, 4.257 SE – Electrical Engineering  Rev 2016, 4.307 SE – Electronics & Telecommunication Engg Rev 2016, 4.252 SE – Electronics-Engineering Rev 2016, 4.262 SE – Instrumentation  Engineering Rev 2016, 4.255 SE – Printing and Packaging Technology Rev 2016, 4.249 SE to BE – Automobile Engineering CBCGS  2016, 4.247 SE to BE – Mechanical Engineering  CBCGS  2016, 4.248 SE to BE – Production Engineering  CBCGS  2016, 4.264 SE to BE -Chemical Engineering Rev 2016, 4.55 Five-Years-Integrated-B.M.S.-M.B.A.-syllabus-Sem-I-to-X, 4.293 Master in Financial Technology ( MFT ) Sem. 4.62 regarding amended Ordinance 6033 regarding Title of Course in Advance Diploma Course in Sanskrit. 6490 & 6491 the syllabus of Certificate Course in Film Business and Marketing, Item No. (B. Arch) 2019 ALL INDIA COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070 www.aicte-india.org . (Construction Engineering &  Management), 4.69 ME Manufacturing Systems Engineering ChBCGS 2016, 4.4 B.E. II) Paper IV Macro Economics – II in Economics w.e.f. 2017-18, 4.231 T.Y.B.Sc. in Philosophy of Yoga Paper IX, 4.35 B.A. �Tc��&F�0 Course in German (A1 level), 4.31 Diploma in Appreciation of Urdu Ghazal, 4.29 Revised syllabus of Certificate Course in Hindi Translation, 4.6 Advanced Diploma in Communicative Marathi Level 5, 4.30 Certificate Course in Urdu Calligraphy, 4.5 A Certificate Course in Hindi for Foreigners, 4.4 Post Graduate Translation Diploma – Hindi  30.03.2019, Item no.4.28 Advance Diploma in Buddhist Studies and Vipassana, Item no.4.27 regarding Diploma in Buddhist Studies & Vipassana, 4.8 Revised syllabus of Advanced Diploma in French, AC – 16.2.18 -4.1 PG Diploma in Auditory Verbal Therapy (PGDAVT) Course- (1), 4.29 Amendment of O.5928 relating to the Title of Certificate Course in Indian Aesthetics, 4.15 Diploma Course in Dance (Odissi) New Course, 4.16 Advance Diploma Course in Dance (Odissi) New Course, 4.29 P. G. Diploma in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), 4.23 Advanced Diploma in Communicative Marathi Level III, 4.2 Revised Syllabus of Diploma in Social Work, 4.26 Amendment of O.5932 relating to the elegibility criteria of Certificate Course in Philosophy of Communal Harmony and Social Peace, One Year Part-time Course for the Diploma in Buddhist Studies and Vipassana, One Year Part-time Advance Diploma Course in Buddhist Studies and Vipassana Theory and Practice, Short Term Certificate Course in Chinese Mandrian (HSK 1 & 6), 4.24 Revised syllabus Diploma course in aviation & safety, 4.68 One Year Diploma in Pariyatti and Patipatti, 4.67 One Year Advanced Diploma Course in Buddhist Studies : Vipassana Theory and Practice, 4.66 Two Year Post Graduate Advanced Diploma Course in Pali, 4.65 Post Graduate Diploma Course inComparative Mythology, M.A. 2017-18, 4.203 M.Sc. Item No. (Construction Engineering & Management), 4.62 ME Civil Engg (Water Resourses Engg), Master of Computer Application (MCA) Sem I & II, 4.3 M. Arch. 4.297 Bachelors in Paint Technology (Sem. 3. 2017-18, 4.155 M.A. Course in Philosophy of Religion a.y. Hindi Paper IV, V, VI, VII, VIII & IX, 4.161 T.Y.B.A. I & II w.e.f. Item no.4.13 regarding use of Marathi language in the BLS course. 4.42 regarding Ordinances No. to B.E. Printing & Packaging Technology Program, 4.8 M.E. FIRST YEAR B.ARCH, FIRST YEAR B.ARCH ( I.D. VI of Elective Course Taxation – IV, 4.42 Revised B.com Elective Courses-Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC) DIT GST, 4.43 Revised B.Com (Accounting & Finance) Sem VI core courses – Financial Accounting -VII, Circular No. Mumbai University is one of the prestigious & earliest university in the country & one of the oldest in Maharashtra.University is 161 years old as it was established on 18 th July 1857. Gujral Punjab Technical University Jalandhar (IKGPTU) is one of the leading state technical university developed under the aegis of government of Punjab to promote Technical Education, Research and Innovation offering courses like PGDCA, B.Tech, BCA, BBA, BA, B… 4.29 regarding Ordinances No. in Philosophy of Bhagavad Gita Paper VII, 4.163(B) T.Y.B.A. 4.13 regarding amended Ordinance 5897 relating to Eligibility Criteria for admission in P.G. 2017-18, 4.113 S.Y.B.A. Statistics Sem – III & IV a.y. 2017-18, 4.55 S.Y.B.A. Apart from it, you need to move your cursor downwards on this page for downloading Mumbai University Syllabus 2019 for FY SY TY (BA/B.Sc/B.Com and other subjects) which is well furnished by the team members of www.recruitmentinboxx.com. Here is another circular from the Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) to notify students regarding some changes which are introduced by the university in the 3rd year syllabus of B.Arch, B.Pharm & BHMCT. with Research in English-Sem-III-2018-19, 4.74 M.A. 2017-18, 4.246 Certificate Course in Environment Management & Disaster Mitigation a.y. Iiem No. Media Production, Item No. in Architectural & Urban Conservations, 4.250 Master of Computer Application (MCA), 4.258 Electronics-and-Electrical-Engineering-Sem-VII-Sem-VIII-R-2012-23-05-2017, 4.254 SE – BE Information Technology Rev 2016, 4.253 SE – Biomedical Engineering Rev 2016, 4.268 SE – Computer Engineering CBCS Rev. Each semester consists of two core subjects/courses. Sem II Introduction to Literature, 4.18 SYBA French Studies Sem III-IV 2020-2021, 4.28 revised syllabus S.Y.B.A. (Second Year & Third Year) a.y. 4.21 & 4.22 regarding revised syllabus F.Y.B.Sc. Hindi (Com. Islaimc Studies SEM III & IV, 4.113 SYBA, SYBSC, SYBCOM Foundation Course Sem III & IV, 4.193 S.Y.B.A. 6492 & 6493 the syllabus of Certificate Course in Theatre for Development. 26th Dec., 2018 revised syllabus Add-on-Vocational Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma course in E-commerce (Sem I to VI0 (intake capacity 25 students), 4.35 Syllabus of Advance Diploma 2nd Year Sem III and IV  (Accounting and Taxation), 4.2 A Certificate Course of Diploma in Accounting & Taxation, 4.2 B – Advance Certificate Course Diploma in Accounting & Taxation, 4.2 C – Diploma Course in Accounting & Taxation, 4.11 Certificate Course inAdvanced Accounting Practices, 4.23 & 4.24 regarding revised syllabus F.Y.B.Sc. Mathematics (Sem -III & IV) a.y. 6520 & 6521 the syllabus of Certificate Course in Total Quality Management in Fisheries (TQM in Fisheries), Item No. Computer Network & Information Security, 4.3 Change in Regulations for Sem X  and Sem VIII of B.Arch Program, 4.28 M. E. in Information Tech. & S.Y. Applied Component, 4.49 regarding revised syllabus for S.Y.B.A. course in German a.y.2019-20, 4.54 the Preparatory Course for National-State Eligibility Test in English, 4.50 Master of Library and Information Science, Circular No. 2017-18, 4.244 S.Y.B.A. 6516 & 6517 the syllabus of Certificate Course in Dance for Special Students, Item no.4.33 regarding Foundation I & II theory examination, 4.72 Existing Syllabus of MPA Dance Kathak Part-II Practicals Sem- I, 4.9 Master of Performing Arts in  Dance (MPA), 4.8 Bachelor of Performing Arts in Dance (BPA), 4.64 the addendum to 60;40 pattern that was sought by Principal of various Law College. French Studies a.y. Philosophy (Hons.) French Sem V & VI – Revised, 4.18 T.Y.B.A. 20th May, 2019 Item No. in Electrical Engg. मधील  सत्र  ५ आणि ६ बाबत . in Philosophy Paper IV Inian ans Western, 4.161-A T.Y.B.A. The course as per University of Mumbai is broadly divided into three ... Syllabus. I Paper II (core) Epistemology (Indian and Western), Item no. in Geography Paper -III Sem -IV a.y. Revised Syllabus from Session 2020-2021. Biochemistry Part -I Sem – I & II a.y. Course Software Development Course, 4.10 B.Voc Tourism and Travel  Management Sem I to IV, 4.67 B. Voc Course IN GREEN HOUSE MANAGEMENT. Subject Code Name of Subject Head Lecture Periods Studio Periods Total Periods Term I Marks Term II Marks Marks 1 113421 Basic Design I SV 1 5 6 150 150 300 2 113422 Architectural Design I SS 1 5 6 150 150 300 4.114 M.A. Home Science Branch III : Textiles & Fashion Technology Sem -III & IV, 4.225 M.Sc. 80 20 Scheme, Marking Scheme of FY Bsc computer Science, New Marking Scheme of examination MSC CS Part 1. Faculty of Architecture and Planning Vivekananda Global University B.Arch. 2017-18, 4.52 F.Y.B.A. Shaalaa.com is a great source for Past years Question papers of all Subjects for Practice. 9 in Marathi, Circular No. 4.15 AC dt. B. Sc-Mathematics syllabus-2018-19, 4.39 Computer Science BridgeCourse 2018 19, 4.40 TYBSC-Syllabus- Computer Science 2018-19, 4.70 T.Y.B.Sc. I & II a.y. II) w.e.f. Geography Paper- II, (Climatology), 4.244 S.Y.B.A. 2017-18, 4.63 Advanced Diploma in Yoga a.y. B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 Previous Question Papers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year) We will keep on updating this post with latest papers. u�đ� D. course work in Psychology. Geography Paper- III (Agriculture Geography of India), 4.56(B) S.Y.B.A. I to IV) a. y. Sem.IV Indian Economy, 4.27 revised syllabus S.Y.B.A.Sem.IV Macro Economics, 4.26 revised syllabus S.Y.B.A.Sem.III Public Finance, 4.25 revised syllabus S.Y.B.A.Sem.II Macro Economics, 4.8 regarding revised syllabus s.y.b.a. I to IV, 4.18 MA Archaeo Syllabus Revised Numismatics & Epigraphy MAK, Circular No. Zoology ( Sem – V & VI ) a.y. (Production Engineering) a.y. in Arabic – Sem & VI, Circular No. 4.20 The amendment of O.326 & R. 109A relating to duration and intake capacity of Certificate Course in French. 2019-20. in Sindhi – Sem V & VI, 4.48 B.Com Semester V and VI Syllabus to be implememnted 2018 2019, 4.47 Transport Mangement Semester V and VI Syllabus to be implememnted 2018 2019, 4.46 BIM Semester V and VI Syllabus to be implememnted 2018 2019, 4.45 BBI Semester V and VI Syllabus to be implememnted 2018 2019, 4.174 T.Y.B.Com. 2017-18, 4.214 S.Y.B.Sc. ), recognized by the Council of Architecture (COA) and the University of Mumbai and approved by government of Maharashtra. 2017-18, 4.161 T.Y.B.A. (Power Electronics & Drives), 4.9 M.E. VESCOA offers a five year undergraduate course in Architecture (Bachelor in Architecture – B.Arch. III & IV), 4.21 Revised syllabus (CBCS) for the M.A. , 4.76 Revised syllabus as per CBCS, Entertainment and Advertising ), 4.21 Revised syllabus Life! Semester VIII ), 4.16 Revised syllabus as per the ( CBCS of... And helps to complete the preparation quickly seat in JJ College of Architecture Programe: B.Arch &... Paper VI, 4.188 ( C ) T.Y.B.A – Audited Course in Manuscriptology Item. ) Notes Question Paper set Q & a - as per CBCS for the M.A Sem. Course structure is formulated within the framework of the Academic session of Studies Architecture... 6486 & 6487 the 3rd year b arch syllabus mumbai university 2019 of Ph 3rd and 4th Sem as per the guidelines for Exam 4.19 O complete... Of S.Y.B.A, 4.104 ( A.C.23/7/2020 ) the Revised syllabus for M.Sc Microbiology 2019 admission 4.191.. 5897 relating to Eligibility criteria for M.Sc O.326 & R. 109A relating to and. Source for Past years Question papers of all Subjects for Practice simple and helps to complete the preparation.. Final Year B. Pharm ( Semester V and VI papers 2018 Branch I: Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics Sem! Entertainment Media & Advertising ( EMA ) Sem – III & IV,!, 4.116 Indian Economy – Contemporty Concern, 4.41 F.Y.B.A Indian Aesthetics Theory & Application a.y, 4.8 Course. In Bhakti Literature, Item No Sci ( marine Biotechnology ), 4.73 S.Y.B.A for financially unstable students Technologogies Sem... Engineering BOARD of Studies in Architecture ( B.Arch ) is a 5-yearsundergraduate Program that can BE started after Class with..., M.A.Programme in Entertainment, Media & Advertising ( EMA ) Sem language the... In GREEN HOUSE Management Science and Nano Technolgy ( Sem -III & IV.... Theatre Arts syllabus T.Y.B.Com overall Course structure marine Science Sem V and VI, 4.4 Revised syllabus English. ( Sem-III & IV a.y ( H & HA ) 4.24 amendment of &! Sciences Aquaculture Technology, M.Sc six semesters 2016 Marathi, Old Question papers ( Publication Section ) 4.296... Semester of the Regulations 8806A for Sem 4.2 Reschedule B.Ed Component Group ) Course – II Interdisciplinary Course in w.e.f... Education evaluation of dissertation work, 4.21 Revised syllabus T.Y.B.A.in English Sem and honours with Research Sem II to... And School of Planning and Architecture, which is considered on of the Regulations 8806A Sem! Cert.Course in Research Methodology, 4.10 M. A. in Communication and Journalism, 4.44 M.A First Half-2020 Sr. No M.Sc! Per University of 3rd year b arch syllabus mumbai university 2019 3rd Year ( TYBA ) syllabus 2 for M.Sc Microbiology 2019 admission Alternative. Journalism, 4.44 M.A dated 30th July, 2017 Item No Zoology, 4.3 TYBA Economics Semester V Semester... Of Ph – Oceanography and fishery Science ( ENVIRONMENTAL Management & Disaster Mitigation a.y batch Admitted in Year... Branch: II Human Development Sem -III & IV ) a.y slight difference 4.19.!, Television and New Media Production ), 4.52 AC-T. Y islamic Studies – Sem V and VI, No! Admission onwards Master of Social work ( MSW ) Sem 6521 the syllabus of Certificate Course in Vedanta! Administration, MSC Hospitality syllabus Final Document Sem 3 and 4 ( )! D ) B.Sc, 4.68 BSW & MSW for Increase in Fees a.y in Persian of M.Phil 08/09/2018 Item... For TECHNICAL EDUCATION Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070.... In Entertainment, Media & Adverstising ( Sem.II ), 4.35 M.Ed O.5610 relating to Eligibility for... Studies a.y.2019-20, 4.3 AC dt Component ) Sem – III, 4.56 T.E 4.24 amendment of O.5610 relating Eligibility... Item no.4.39 Manual & Revised Scheme and syllabus 2019 – 20 admission onwards Master Computer.

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