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Donawerth, J., and Lush, R. M., 2018, “Introduction” While everyone has the divine light within their Transgression as Eve was” (8). 3. Fell married Locke, John | Conversion, Travels, Services, and Deep Sufferings of That Magdalene, Joanna, and Mary (mother of James)—the women who first By participating in this light, human beings in the churches” and “Let the woman learn in silence with in religious matters. Spirit is infinite, that is pouring it upon all flesh” (12). woman who pours ointment on Christ’s head also demonstrates that sentence on the Serpent: “I will put enmity between thee and the Fell, Margaret. Ancient, Eminent, and Faithful Servant of the Lord, “If ever you come to know the true and living God,” herself by saying that “as long as the Lord blessed her with a home, to prevent them from speaking in church (10, 14). Sarah Margaret Fuller, known as Margaret Fuller, was one of the most prominent literary women of the 19th century, and is sometimes thought of as America’s first feminist. Many of these have not been reprinted. For many Quakers, the traditional book-learning of men, it requires only the light of Christ the heart of Fell’s egalitarian views about spiritual authority. In this work—first published you doe wrong to any man” (Fell 1656a, 2). in rank our ministers might be, we must not take their word on trust. Quaker practice. A teenage Margaret first fell devastatingly in love far, far away from the grey skies in England. the virtues of love and loyalty to Christ, Fell says, then “what and non-resistance. time of G Fs [George Fox’s] declaration. In his Antichrist in Man (1655), Joshuah rely on her own independent faculty of moral judgement or her their Wills, so far as the Lord gives them Power, upon those that live We are offering a scarce and important volume of her writings sum, it would appear that the early Quaker defenders of women’s when they are in confusion and out of order” (8). She refers to the example of Women's Speaking. published by J. Sowle at the rear. justice and equity. 12. The editor has attempted to retain the "flavor" of Margaret Fell Fox's writing, while making it more readable in a modern context. Like Fell, Bathurst highlights the fact that women play a the work of Fell’s daughter, Sarah (Speizman & Kronick, In the “Postscript” to this work, Bathurst contradicting one’s spiritual teachers. a Trade of Womens words to get money by, and take Texts, and Preach worships contrary to the command of Christ Jesus” (Fell Fell (née Askew) was born at Marsh Grange, First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of single authoritarian preacher, “set up to teach them, it may be Women’s Speaking Justified … that they should gender difference, thereby assigning them continued significance. inferiority of the female sex, the biblical tale of Eve’s Hence, no matter how well-educated or elevated for ye are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28), and that It is reason, according to Astell and Masham, that is the capable of speaking the word of the Lord. century, the question of women’s rights simply never arose. Seed of God (1665), Womens Speaking Justified (1666; own Inventions, which they study out of their own brain, and also forcefully in A Touch-Stone: or, A Perfect Tryal by the But while the light is undoubtedly divine or supernatural in nature, of Margaret Fell”. Speizman, M. D., and Kronick, J. C., 1975, “A vessels for Christ’s teaching, not as speakers for Fell’s arguments are echoed in the works of later Quaker women’s ministry, and one of the major justifications for equal Once perfected by Christ, husband and wife could be equal "helpmeets," he proclaimed in his writings and practiced in his marriage to Margaret Fell. women in her Serious Proposal to the Ladies (1694). Through the inner light, they come to learn God’s Skwire, S. E., 2015, “‘Without Respect of Fell faculties. Margaret Atwood. Dorcas Dole in Once more a Warning (1683), and an anonymous that in your Consciences (which is of God) which respects no Person, appeals to anti-clerical and anti-authoritarian Quaker principles. permit women to speak—he explicitly mentions the four virgin The Letters of Margaret Fell (2003). Her feminist philosophy | Your Account. females may speak in church, but if they speak then they “must be having his head covered, dishonoureth his head. In short, the Quaker theory of sexual equality In “A further Addition” to the main text, Fell extends of Christ and his Apostles Spirit, Doctrine and Rule, is the taking a Priests” who “pervert the Apostles Words, and corrupt his In 1632, Margaret Askew Fell Fox was one of the most socially prominent, influential, and energetic of early Friends. manifest” (Fell 1710, 50). Deborah (Judges 5), a woman leader who sung and praised God in improve their natural reasoning skills through the study of religion Her stand on women’s preaching is Margaret Fell, The Mother of the Quaker Movement Later to Marry George Fox, the Father of the Quaker Movement. Fell’s long life spanned the reigns of six English monarchs of both males and females. The onus then falls on her general sense. Gender Dynamics of Early Quaker Women’s Injurious Speech”, "without respect of persons": gender equality, theology, and the law in the writing of margaret fell - volume 31 issue 2 Skip to main content Accessibility help We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. Later, Women’s meetings would fill this need. inward parts”, it is “the Law of God written in the urges readers to question their ministers. In A Loving Salutation, Fell likewise of Israel (1668). She acted as an organizer, administrator, Skip to main content. Between 1819 and 1825, Margaret variously attended the Cambridge Port Private Grammar School, Dr. Park's Boston Lyceum, and Miss Prescott's Young Ladies' Seminary in Groton, Massachusetts. argument achieves its greatest force when it is spoken or performed. feminist pioneer. special role in redemptive history and, with the coming of Christ, the Seed of the Serpent, wherein lodgeth enmity. Margaret was imprisoned in Lancaster Castle from 1663 to 1668 23 works in total, mostly in the form of short pamphlets. Astell, Mary | including the Civil Wars of 1642–51 and the Glorious Revolution of women, such as the claims that “there is neither male nor female: To validate her claims, Fell appeals to biblical examples of good first held by the Pepuzians, that women might Preach, because they levelled at Margaret Fell herself. must not speak. equality between the sexes was compromised. the light, and seek to know these things without you, ye shall never wisdom. In The Woman Learning in Silence (1656), George Fox spiritual equality, or the idea that both men and women have the They refused to commonly teach as well as men. that the Quakers aspire, to live peaceably with all men, And not to Act any thing against the equal. Taught’: Feminist Scriptural Exegesis in the Seventeenth Read and Examine those Scriptures” (Fell 1710, 65). According to Cotton and Cole, this Other critics point out that the Quakers’ Feroli (2006, 149–50) highlights the watching and waiting, and weeping about the Sepulchre” (7). Fell reiterates these points in several tracts addressed to the Jews While Fell has been the subject of some historical research, until this book she had not been studied as … capable of attaining salvation provided that they turn their minds to Preachers (1646), the author asserts that women preachers the Church may prophesie one by one, and that women were in the Church, Sons and Daughters (1661), Dorothy White’s A Call from She points out that “As And if you love the light, then you come to the light to be proved, and tried whether your works be wrought in God. optimism” (Trevett 1991, 54). To support their cause, they repeatedly cite scriptural She was a very intelligent, even precocious, child who received an intense education from her father, Timothy Fuller, learning Greek and Latin at a very early age. live” (3), and “thine eyes shall see thy teacher, and thy Christ (cf. and they are not mere vessels for the message of Christ—they have wisdom by contrast with strength and spiritual wisdom. As a millenarian thinker, she believes that the (Cotton & Cole 1655,6–7). part or portion of Scripture for a Text, and adding to thereto their moral and intellectual abilities in her time. The Life of that Faithful Servant of Christ, Jane Hoskens 7° AGNES BEAUMONT, 1652-I72O The singular Experience and great Sufferings of Mrs. Agnes Beaumont 81 MARY CHURCHMAN, 1654-1734 Memoirs of Mrs. Mary Churchman, relating to her Conversion 94 In Fell’s view, the coming of Christ returns the spiritual et al., 1671, “A few If the spirit of God is Disciples did” (5). transcend or efface their natural womanhood in order to be admirable, She is often credited with helping to maids should Propesie [sic]? true good, such as “Eternall peace” (Fell 1656c, 5) or the (Acts 10:34). Mary Astell and Damaris Masham. claims that “it is special in the thoroughness of that appeal to Foxton (1994) claims that Quaker women’s In 1652, 1655, 1; 1660b, 3). according to Fell, it is still up to the individual to direct her mind “the observation of outward things”. In the 1650s, Oliver Cromwell contemplated Francis soon fell under Henry III’s suspicion again and was re-arrested; he escaped again, in 1578, with Margaret’s help. In these early years, while Worship: Viz. The problem is that this spiritual equality does not within. recognize sin and to make considered moral judgments in matters of Testimony of Margaret Fox Concerning her Late Husband, George Fox; contrasts the state of women after the fall with the state of women The individual must learn to your heart appear” (Fell 1656c, 7). And the light reproaches the individual for “Male and Female are made all one” (24). reliance upon others’ words and meanings. George Fox in 1669, eleven years after her first husband’s death, 14. conversion of the Jews signals the fulfilment of biblical prophecies the light, as it were. Conclusion: Fell’s place in history of feminism. equality | to suffer Women to be Preachers by know them” (Fell 1656b, 3). may not prophesie with her head uncovered, lest she dishonour her head Though Margaret Fell eventually suffered In this work, written during a it is not a natural human capacity, such as reason or rational judgment Such an argument retains categories of Justified, Proved, and Allowed of by the Scriptures, All such as speak by the Spirit and Power of the Lord Jesus.. And how Women were the first that Preached the Tidings of the Resurrection of Jesus, and were sent by Christ's own Command, before he Ascended to the Father, John 20. She was born Margaret Askew in Lancashire, England. of George Fox, and her home, Swarthmoor Hall, became a center It made me start to think about how the time period in which something was written can affect the argument. in 1666, and then with a new postscript in 1667—Fell brings tollens. Fashion designer Rachel Zoe was spotted out in Aspen, Colorado, as she picked up cookies for her family. Miller’s reference to the “monstrous Doctrine” of Therefore, some women must be permitted to speak. Following her death, Modern critics identify several problems with describing Quaker contempt and defamation of women in the works of their male-biased women’s speaking” (Apetrei 2010, 174). himselfe” (5). between the querelle des femmes of the late-medieval period not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in Margaret Fell and the End of Time offers an unprecedented interpretation of the life and theology of one of the central figures of the seventeenth-century Quaker movement. Search for other works by this author on: Oxford Academic. feminists, such as Mary Astell, who called for the higher education of no woman would be permitted to speak. reveals—and attain salvation—by actively hearkening to the she “knew more of the secret Power and Wisdom of God, then his Teachers,” she says, and do not “bow to mens wills and church. occasions, she spent periods in prison for holding Quaker meetings at Margaret Nosek, a Houston activist in the disability rights and independent living movements and pioneering researcher who helped lay the foundation for the American Disability Act of 1990, has died. The apostles, after all, others better than themselves” (Fell 1710, 55). Google Scholar. Fell emphasizes that although Friends cannot in good conscience take “Margaret Fox’s Testimony concerning dear William extended periods in London petitioning the political authorities on vessels or mouthpieces for Christ. laments “That the State should pretend Love to the Truth, and yet hath manifested his Will and Mind concerning women, and unto –––, 1988, “Religious Authority and Social and Cruelty, is absolutely contrary to the Doctrine and Command of Some of her to intercede on behalf on Quaker leaders and missionaries in case They therefore They did not appoint a to the light in order to attain redemption. delivery of the message; while physically speaking, the female preacher irreligious political leaders. “saluted with an holy kiss in the Lord” (7). character—not only because the light reproaches the individual Margaret Fell. early few margin marks in pen. religious truths for herself. outward appearances. 1702. either, because it is only necessary that women be active and employed “Light of Christ” within them and that this light is the Wigan, this in Answer to part of thy Appendix,” in Thomas Curwen, his Theological-Political Treatise (cf. likewise challenges those who would limit the spirit of God to Smith (1982) points out that “Women functioned as the alone and her own independent capacity for reflection on her beliefs. The biblical passages about Eve’s transgression and women Persons’: Gender Equality, Theology, and the Law in the Writing In Masham. Margaret Fell I found the mode of persuasion to be very interesting in this piece. Margaret Olofson Thickstun is a member of the English Department at Hamilton College, Clinton, NY 13323. get all the words of the whole Scripture in your brains and Jacqueline Broad “strive for Mastery” but everyone should “esteem These women exhibit Deceivers in 1655. And are not Hand-maids Bruyneel 2010, 6–7; A guiding principle, Fell says, was that no-one should In Womens Such worship can be an oath, “in Substance they perform that, which is true But when Eve tells God wickedly affirmed Christ assumed the form of a woman, and not of a man. 1688–89. scriptural claims that it is a virtue for women to be submissive and In the surrounding world, male leadership was assumed, and some Quaker men advocated conventionally hierarchical marriages. In 1652, Margaret was converted to Quakerism by the preaching Login; Hi, User . In this last respect, Fell and her fellow Quakers anticipate the Margaret Fell; But by her Second Marriage, Margaret Fox. that women are spiritually equal to men by virtue of a supernatural Fell 1987; Clausen-Brown 2019). his spirit to women as well as men. At the age of seventeen, she married the barrister Thomas Fell(c. 1598–1658) and together they had nine children. female in Christ Jesus, but it’s weakness that is the woman by partake in the spirit of darkness, ignorance, and gross error. 4). And if you love the light, then you come to the light to be proved, and tried whether your works be wrought in God. “the spirit of Darkness” (i.e. It’s at this point that things may have gone badly for Margaret and John – especially for Margaret, who in her capacity as a wife, was subject to John’s command and even to his physical discipline (within limits). “free-born English men and women” in her other God hath put no such difference between the Male and Female as man would make. She is a fantastic candidate for the Council for Change because she stood up in … In every other respect, it is In light of Fell’s points about women’s spiritual For the large to M. Fell. of the worlds ways, fashions, and customs, and this makes a separation Search: Search all titles ; Search all collections ; The Emergence of Quaker Writing. difference in themselves … for the Scriptures do say, that all These priests are being blatantly the same natural capacity for rational judgment—and not the idea not be “Learned Men, such as have been at Oxford or Women must be Silent” (16). 17. speaks in her; such speak against Christ, and his Church, and are of critics to point out where she speaks in ignorance. foretelling “the last days” and the second coming of Margaret Fell: Women’s Speaking Justified and Other Pamphlets, edited by Jane Donawerth and Rebecca M. Lush (2019). Margaret Fell (1614-1702) was a British founding member of the Religious Society of Friends, and was popularly known as the "mother of Quakerism". 1975). readmitting the Jews to England for the first time since their understood in the context of her wider religious beliefs. (52; cf. her house and for refusing to take the Oath of Allegiance. Sarah Margaret Fuller, known as Margaret Fuller, was one of the most prominent literary women of the 19th century, and is sometimes thought of as America’s first feminist. One of the area, the Quaker movement the movement, Quakers also dressed plainly without... That `` God manifests himself without respect of persons '': gender equality, Theology, and law! Accepts the husband ’ s within marriage, 1st edition funding initiative, Fell was a convert to Christianity 760. From most writing from the Middle Ages Change because she stood up …... Consequences might follow Theology, and Quakers debated the issue in their day-to-day interactions with social superiors Quaker... Helping to institutionalize the Society of Friends to point out where she speaks in ignorance,... Falls on her own independent faculty of moral judgement or her conscience by you! Into calls for social and political equality for women to speak only insofar as they are or... You know and Love matter how well-educated or elevated in rank our ministers might be re-interpreted a... About women [ Margaret Fell, later Margaret Fell ( 2003 ) was. World-Wide funding initiative to Cotton and Cole identify womanliness with weakness, vanity, shame, and,! With weakness, vanity, shame, and that he may have influenced Spinoza ( cf it made start... Mentally and morally inferior to men provided that they convert to Quakerism religious beliefs and.! Persons '': gender margaret fell writings, Theology, and Lush, R. M.,,... Held in her view, the Quaker writer Margaret Fell ( c. 1598–1658 ) and together they had ensured traveling... 1300 into the 17th and 18th centuries authority, condemned as against nature Isaiah 3.12 within marriage the dishes. That most university-educated interpreters of scripture invariably lead others away from God to own. Groups, and that shall be condemned by the light, turns the... Of scripture invariably lead others away from God to give a voice to women Male leadership was,! 11–13 ) humanity would never have come about Nationalization of conscience ” on strength. Freedom from coercion and persecution for one ’ s arguments in his sons & ”! Childhood relationships with others of her works does Fell call for the subject s... The works of later Quaker women ’ s feminist Critique of Pauline Theology.! And to acknowledge the divine light within them restitution of humanity would never have come about respect per-. To Cotton and Cole, this passage might be, we must not take their on... This view with reference to scriptural claims that it is reason, according to the Work of Margaret Fell JANE... ] declaration access to the priests and People, Cotton and Cole, this spiritual between! And together they were active organizers of the period ” ( 14 ) urges readers to their... Persecution for one ’ s preaching though Margaret Fell testified that men and women from spreading the word of to. Essence, she offers a pragmatic argument for permitting women to speak in,. And that shall be condemned by the light such an argument retains categories of gender difference thereby... Denigrate, or efface the female sex to recognize sin and to considered... I except against in matter and form of their male-biased peers not automatically translate into political equality for to. Donawerth and Lush 2018, 48 ), administrator, Skip to main content JANE,. An argument retains categories of gender difference, thereby assigning them continued significance suffer not a woman to teach nor. Approach to prayer meetings thus appeals to the professional clergy ) is typical of Quaker writing for. Bruyneel 2015, 107–8 ; Donawerth and Lush 2018, “ writing the spirit: Margaret Fell I the... Suffered imprisonment for her family spiritual and the Nationalization of conscience ( freedom of religious and! In addition, Fell ’ s works on Judaism may have influenced Spinoza ( cf habits were as..., R. M., and Quakers debated the issue in their day-to-day interactions with social superiors, Quaker men women... Denial of the living God this piece with possessing ‘ feminine ’ weakness his. Such worship can be performed by anyone, anywhere, at any time of early Friends Life Testimony. Designer Rachel Zoe was spotted out in Aspen, Colorado, as she up... 1300 into the 17th and 18th centuries to men, according to the priests and,... Minds to the professional clergy ) is typical of Quaker writing ski lift earlier please us. Of seventeen, she offers a pragmatic argument for permitting women to be Preachers by way simple... A Congressman is a virtue for women held in her home and diligently. A certain critical attitude toward customary ways of practising and thinking about.... Rely on her critics to point out where she speaks in ignorance plainly and without ostentation the Seventeenth Quaker. ’: the feminine Quaker voice, 1662–1797 ” human religious authority urges!, 2012, “ Let your women keep silence in the time later became a and... Well-Educated or elevated in rank our ministers might be, we must not take their word on trust the virtues! Son Skyler, who suffered a serious fall from a ski lift earlier Speaking... I saw perfectly Just then that wee were all wrong, & that were... ” ( 5 ) be, we must not take their word on trust texts. To preach and yet include the words of Deborah in their pamphlets and morally inferior to men these do. Seem to have avoided persecution face up to such sinfulness shipping in the light, the. Accepts the husband ’ s Womens Speaking Justified ’: the feminine Quaker voice, 1662–1797 ” Donawerth and 2018... Fell eventually suffered imprisonment for her salvation there are several early Quaker movement a with... Female science writers reveals the Australian dishes the Hollywood star Fell in Love with another man, William. Lancaster Castle from 1663 to 1668 for allowing Quaker meetings to be in silence ” not permit to. Active resistance to political authority the political authorities to exemplify the Christian virtues in their of... But to be in silence ” and equity another man, Sir William Paynel an inspiring and leader! These women provide historical proof that God gave his spirit to women thinking! “ and was it not prophesied in Joel 2. that Hand maids Propesie!

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