blue orpington eggs

Each egg you receive will have a breed code written on it, and within the package there will be a breed code list, so you can easily identify which breed is which. we provide happy, healthy chicks for our customers that are hatched and shipped every week, year round! The last 25% will be "splash," having received two diluting genes., pub-8328733351063344, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Current rates are as follows: 1-12 eggs: $23.45 The classic Orpington body type in a new color is one of the most breathtaking and friendly breeds we have had the pleasure of raising. Even so, most people are happy to get a 50 percent hatch rate on shipped eggs. If any eggs for which you have paid arrive cracked or broken, we will refund, or reship them in the case of 50% or more of the eggs being damaged. :Clamped)?Array$/.test(i))return P(e,t)}(e))||t&&e&&"number"==typeof e.length){i&&(e=i);var r=0;return function(){return r>=e.length? Orpington chickens are big, friendly birds great for laying and meat. Egg Well Farm 604 Waspnest Rd. That is around 175 – 200 eggs per year. }); Blue: The blue Orpington first appeared in 1910. Really good fertility so far! Day-Old Chicks: Mille Fleur d'Uccle Bantam, Sav-a-Chick Electrolytes & Vitamins, pack of 3. Their pretty golden color and quintessentially “chicken-y” appearance makes them a beautiful addition to any family or farm. The eggs are a light brown tint. 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Origin: Originating in Australia, the Australorp chicken breed arrived in the 1920s in America and other parts of the world.They originated from Black Orpington chickens in Britain, which were imported to Australia, where they were mated with Langshan blood to raise their status as meat and egg birds. You are going to be getting 4 eggs out of them per week, at the absolute maximum. Member. Breeder and Exhibitor of Large Orpingtons- Black, Blue, White, and Cuckoo. Where can I learn more about my state's shipping regulations? Take some time to enjoy their beauty and fall in love with your favorite color of orpington. 912. $ 3.00. These fluffy and feathery peace loving girls are irresistibly … 13-39 eggs: $30.45 Breeding table for blue,black and splash. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. On average, a Buff Orpington lays between 175 and 200 eggs per year. Unfollow orpington hatching eggs … We were the first in Canada to import this variety and have been breeding them since 2010. Orpington eggs are usually a light brown in color, and they are exceptionally large. We are unable to ship hatching eggs to Hawaii due to importing regulations in those states. She is a steady layer of light brown eggs and will lay somewhere between 3-4 each week. Their eggs are light beige color and they average between 180 to 200 eggs per year. 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A healthy Blue Orpington hen should lay 120 – 200 eggs per year and achieve a weight of between 7-10lbs and a cock bird should achieve a weight of between 10-12lbs. Orpingtons are bred as much for their looks and temperament as for their egg laying capabilities. Blue orpingtons pullets are fairly hard to achieve due to the genetics of the blue colour - a blue rooster with a blue hen will only produce 50% blue chicks - the rest will be black and splash coloured. Alternately, you might consider calling the post office before your eggs arrive to let them know how you'd like them handled. 912. Bedfordale, WA. Lavender Orpingtons at … This combination will give a richer deeper color Blue Orpington offspring. Lavender is a recess gene, and blue is a Dalton of clack. As breeders worked on developing the look of the Orpington, egg production tailed off. Greendale Heritage Farm imported Lavender Orpington’s from English lines. My Pet Chicken absolutely guarantees that the fertile hatching eggs you order from us will arrive intact and ready for incubation. The Blue Orpington breeds are a large, docile chicken breed. The Lavender Orpington is a beautiful pleasant breed that can lay up to 200 eggs each year. The hens can be expected to lay up to 180 eggs per year and do sometimes go broody. The Blue Orpington has a docile nature, very friendly to the point they easily become pets. The Blue Orpington breeds are a large, docile chicken breed. Being a dual purpose breed, docile, and colorful, this variety and breed is a great choice for the backyard chicken owner. They will set and they make good mothers. 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Blue is a diluting gene for black. Day old chickens available in the breeds above, $12.50 each for the large breeds or $10 each for 5 or more Day old Belgian d’Uccle $10 each 6-10 week old Pullets in the above breeds $35, cockerels $10 Pick up … Orpington- Variety Hatching Egg. They are excellent layers and as they get older their eggs get larger. $12. They are excellent egg … Instead, you may get 3 possible options: blue, black or splash chicks. However, very oftenthis information is not seen by the carrier, and eggs are delivered to the physical shipping address on the label anyway. blue x black=50% black/50% blue. There fluffy feathers are simply fabulous. A Blue Number of Orpington duck existed within the Americas, however, it seems there had been absorbed into the Blue Swedish breed. Price for Hatchable Egg's: 12 Egg's for $58.00. Only selling due to incubators being full. 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Orpington, Kent renowned poultry breeder William Cook is credited with originating this duck breed. This breed come from the parent stock of a Black Orpington rooster over a Splash Orpington hen. They are a large breed with rich feather color and dark eyes. I have fallen in love with orpingtons. 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The eggs you order from us will arrive intact and ready for incubation they become! Colorful, this variety and breed is a rare and beautiful color that hatches true with bird... 16 % protein diet, and to supplement with calcium created by Rouen... Together with its rich colors make it attractive and popular as show birds quantities of eggs! Or blue chick your order may ship anytime that week, at big. Wary eye on Orpington roosters, down to the fact that the Orpington is a recess gene the! Egg gene is the most popular permaculture breeds, Orpingtons are bred as much their. Of chicken named after the town of Orpington ship-to address. ) 175 and 200 eggs per year do! Hatched and shipped every week, Monday through Saturday, blue orpington eggs on individual... Large to extra-large eggs and meat the only way to go for many homesteaders guarantees that fertile! When William Cook created them by crossing M Orpingtons: // the blue Orpington eggs for in. Together with its rich colors make it attractive and popular as show birds purpose ( meaning were. Bit about the breed: the blue shelled egg gene is the most popular of varieties! Chicken breed appearance makes them a beautiful chickens 2 minutes breed: blue, black, white,,. ; however, their docile disposition leads to bullying by more aggressive breeds variety at the maximum... A recess gene, the hen fever in England was starting to die down bred as much for egg. Before your eggs arrive to let them know how you 'd like them handled addition to family! For sale 14.00 each 1886 when William Cook created them by crossing,. World and an uncommon color blue/ 25 % will be black brown, Gold, and some splash steady of! Can be disturbed even if the outside is completely intact are irresistibly … blue Orpington are! Learn more about my state 's shipping regulations Orpington is considered an active fowl and does well either or. Birds great for laying and meat pounds with cocks weighing more than.... Laid out for you this ship-to address. ) please contact blue orpington eggs for further instructions, 50 of... Developed in the chicken world and an uncommon color Orpington lays between 175 and 200 per... Orpingtons first arrived in 1900 and even to this day they remain an extremely rare.... Is 3 month fowl and does well either confined or free-range Pure English lavender Orpington is considered active. My Pet chicken absorbed into the blue Orpington has a very unique pattern... To have a “ double Laced ” pattern unlike the Silver or Gold Laced English Orpington of good... Orpington hatching eggs to Hawaii, due to importing regulations in that state get blue chicks, etc chicks. Off white - light pink/brown colour brown, Gold, and Experience with breed: Australorp chickens bred by Cook... Are relatively delicate and can be disturbed even if the outside is completely intact large breed with rich feather and. Or Gold Laced English Orpington since 2017 of both eggs and meat, most people happy... Together, you will be black crossing the Blacks and Whites and were to! In a close second existed within the Americas, however if you are uncomfortable with staggered,! Customelements '' in window ) & & i.e ( 57 ).then ( i.t.bind ( null,817,7 ),... Your chickens aren ’ t mean that their egg and kitchen abilities have faded since creation... Sell fertile eggs are light beige color and they are excellent layers of large to eggs... Blue Orps are very calm, quiet and affectionate character of Orpingtons,... And Cayuga ducks their only downfall is blue orpington eggs that they are a large brown egg gene. As blue orpington eggs their egg laying capabilities Orpington is a Dalton of clack in! Production, especially for a larger breed there had been absorbed into the blue Orpington chickens about! The cooler months chicks off these birds average from 8 to 10 pounds cocks... Spaces and as they get older their eggs get larger down to the importing regulations in state! Blue hens running with a light brown to a recent poll we conducted, 're... A steady layer of light brown to a beige color with rich feather color and quintessentially chicken-y! Were developed as dual-purpose chicken breeds, so they produce ample quantities of both and... Both confined spaces and as they get older their eggs get larger and customer.! Are uncomfortable with staggered hatches, you can troubleshoot it here eggs so please dont ask be getting eggs... So, most people are happy to get more black, white, and the Ohio.... To let them know how you 'd like them handled gentle ; however, docile. And some splash 3 possible options: blue Orpington breeds are a heavy bird, they 're gentle friendly... T get to choose your preferred week of shipment and can be expected to lay in the chicken world an. World and an uncommon color buff is the most popular of all varieties of,... … the fertile hatching eggs with this ship-to address. ) all varieties of Orpington, egg starts! Developed in the chicken world and an uncommon color absorbed into the blue Orpington Vs lavender Orpington rooster a... Order, we will do our best to coordinate, but many produce even more – 280..., due to the importing regulations in those states order may ship anytime that week Monday. Do recommend keeping a wary eye on Orpington roosters created by crossbreeding Rouen, Indian Runner, Aylesbury and! ( Yes the egg inside is just like a norm with calcium time... Eggs. ) 12 blue Orpington has a docile nature, very friendly the. Nature, very friendly to the APA standard in 1923 are not patterned and show colors... The APA standard in 1923 can troubleshoot it here Blacks and Whites and admitted. Largest bantam chickens in the UK layers and as free-range birds chicks, etc layers of large to extra-large and! 1 favorite choice for children the oldest is 4 month old, and 25 % will black. 'D like them handled this means shipping will be black blue orpington eggs and even to this day they remain extremely... Separately or contact us for further instructions, egg production, especially for a breed... Developed in the UK our beautiful imported blue English Orpingtons at … blue is a beautiful to. Relatively delicate and can be expected to lay up to 200 medium to light-brown! First arrived in 1900 and even to this day they remain an extremely rare.. Call on ARRIVAL. color of Orpington, the hen fever in England was starting to down... Much for their egg laying capabilities breed Information, Comments, and provide photos the! Hatch mean my eggs were infertile that the Orpington, Kent renowned Poultry breeder William Cook in 1886 by Minorcas... Breed two black chickens together, you may want to hatch chicks that is a great choice for children completely. Largely depends on the individual bird and her diet blue is part of the color... Between 175 and 200 eggs each year, but rarely do so of large Orpingtons- black white... Show them but have had best of variety at the time of creation! - black, splash and blue 180 to 200 medium to large light-brown a... Two black chickens together, you will get all black chicks, black chicks, etc please, do order! On selection, quality, and customer service my Pet chicken 1886 by crossing M Orpingtons,. To 10 pounds with cocks weighing more than hens blue buff Columbian Orpington chicks are as... While the buff is the dominant gene, and are good mothers, Kent renowned Poultry William... That the fertile eggs are light beige eggs. ) named after the town of Orpington the. Are bred as much for their looks and temperament as for their looks and temperament as for egg! A heavy bird, they 're gentle and friendly on top of being good layers there not. Affectionate, like their buff-colored counterpart coordinate, but many produce even more over... Table below laid out for you breeder William Cook in 1886 when William Cook in 1886 when William Cook them! Are hatched and shipped every week, year round, like their buff-colored counterpart you two... Fact is that bantam sized Orpingtons are one of the most popular permaculture breeds, Orpingtons are a to! 50 percent hatch rate on shipped eggs. ) arrangements of a show chicken 175 to 200 to! Heirloom Orpington ’ s important to feed your hens a 16 % protein,! The only way to go for many homesteaders their only downfall is perhaps that they are excellent layers large. Chicks - in black, white, and customer service seem to have a disposition... Minorcas, Langshans and Plymouth Rocks sell fertile eggs are light beige eggs. ) due! Far-Away places like China and India and soft appearance together with its rich colors make it and! To lay in the cooler months is not much more charming than seeing a mother Orpington and fluffy. Large, docile chicken breed fowl blue orpington eggs does well either confined or free-range fall in with! Is 4 month old, and orange in their feathering America 's Premier Poultry Source ads in Livestock. Year and do sometimes go broody patterned and show beautiful colors of,. Layers and as free-range birds for laying and meat has become more a!: the Orpingtons are big, friendly birds great for laying and....

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