what colors do bass see at night

In most cases we still don't know if animals can see in colour at night What's more, there are good reasons for ditching colour vision in the dark and specialising in black-and-white. Part of the reason for the militaries change is the use of night vision equipment. These would be white, black, chartreuse and yellow. Bassdozer: I also believe fish see the colors high up on the sides of the bait. As a beginner surf caster I have found your articles to be extremely helpful. Water clarity is the most important factor when it comes to color selection. I don’t care for colored blades unless they are red and you throwing a craw pattern spinnerbait. I have heard of other colors working, but for soft plastic worms or jigs, nothing beats a blue and black color. The general color rules do still apply. Chartreuse seems to work especially well in rough or discolored water. If the water is muddy everywhere, there are some options. The fish's eyes have much denser sets of light-gathering rods than do human eyes. The actual colors within the visible spectrum are determined by the wavelengths of the light: the longer wavelengths are red and orange; the shorter wavelengths are green, blue, and violet. "A lot of features you see in a buzzbait came from Smith Lake anglers fishing at night," he insists. Believe me, it makes night fishing for bass a whole lot more hassle free and immensely more safe. It is a color that shows up really well in darker water, in muddier water, or when the clouds are out. When you go this approach, you are going full-blown craw pattern and bass will hammer them. That's not to say bass can't see colors or that they don't, on any given day, have preferences. A bass has a very acute sense of site (or vision) and can see very well in just about any water color condition as well as being able to see at night. I love watermelon red flake, green pumpkin, and emerald shad color in clear water and purple or morning dawn in murkier water. In many areas, flounder, fluke, scup, lobsters, crabs, sea bass and sea robins may end up on the menu more often than menhaden, herring, mackerel and more traditional “baitfish.” Thinking outside the box a bit could help you accurately “match the hatch” and fool more stripers into eating your lure. To the rod cell the world is black and white. If you are fishing with soft plastics, look for flakes and iridescent coloration that will put off some sparkle and imitate natural fish. Now when you are talking about reds and some oranges, these are crawfish colors. As one of America’s favorite sportfish, the largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides, is sought after by almost everyone in the fishing world at some point or another. Bold colors are your brighter colors. Even though bass detect the presence of prey in their vicinity by vibrations and noise and use that to search for food, they are predominantly sight hunters. no you can not see colors at night because color is the eyes perception of refracted light. Most baitfish are silvery, which makes lures with a chrome finish seem like a natural choice. There are some gorgeous colors on the market among crankbaits, jerkbaits, and spoons. If your lake gets rainbow trout stocked in it frequently, go with a darker trout. Just about any color lure will catch bass but I prefer to break them into 3 categories: natural, solid, and bold. The general rule of thumb is to throw natural ghost craw patterns in clear water and bolder oranges or firehouse red colors in muddier water. It is best to use dark-colored skirts such as black, blue, or purple in order to create better contrast and make the lure more visible to the bass at night. By Valerie David. Fish these bass with big swimbaits in early spring and then deep diving crankbaits, flutter spoons, or swimbaits the rest of summer. For night fishing, I like dark blue or black. Keep your bait warm and lively before use. While some striped bass prey may have yellow fins or a yellow sheen, nothing in nature is chartreuse in color. Golden blades can work better than silver blades in muddy water though. Ghost colors are the best. The only moving bait I recommend would be a chatterbait or buzzbait because the … Here is a breakdown of the most popular colors of monofilament lines and the benefits of each. Sunlight does play some impact on the color of bait you select. Upsize Lure Size – Another helpful tip you need to try when fishing in muddy water is upsizing your bait and lure size. You will be able to fool fish with these premium paint jobs but also draw that reaction bite if you work the bait right. Will Salmon Bite at Night? I prefer fishing realistic baits for bass because you can usually target the biggest females. Every fly fisher knows that or ought to know that. In early spring, bass are likely still in deeper water keying in on crawfish. Your email address will not be published. When fishing in clear water, bass will study your bait. Research suggests day feeders like trout are more sensitive to color than species that hunt more readily at night. “Wonderbread” is another oddball color that works wonders on striped bass. Discover the best time of day to catch bass, trout, catfish, panfish, walleye, carp, and many more depending on the season, moon phases, and weather. After a rain storm they would either be coming up and somehow the erosion or whatever would make them all fall into the water. Keep your color selection simple by keeping only about five to six different … Read on to learn how our eyes see at night and how to improve your night vision. For years, predator callers have preferred red or amber lights for calling at night.Most of the early predator hunting lights were cumbersome lights with large external batteries that required colored lens covers to filter the light to the desired color. I almost always recommend fishing watermelon red flake or green pumpkin in clear water and in murky water, go with a soft plastic that has watermelon red flake mixed with dark blue. Now, remember that water clarity is relative. Bass are definitely not dumb. A red craw pattern can draw big bites from bass even when they are focused on shad or shiners. Once February rolls around, start tossing craw patterns. This color migrated over from largemouth bass fishermen who found that adding red, blue and yellow dots or splotches to a white lure increased its productivity. During winter, you should slow way down and fish finesse. In this video I talk about the science behind what a bass can see underwater. It is important to match whatever it is bass are naturally feeding on. Motion, as with most all predators, grabs its attention and is interpreted by its brain as food. It’s got a great shad look, with a little chartreuse to stand out against the … I prefer white-bellied frogs but a lot of bass anglers claim that a pure black frog works best in the dead of summer. That should be the pattern you follow most of the winter. Cones are used in the day and rods at night. That is exactly how baitfish look in clear water under sunny skies. ... For that reason, select baits that help bass see the baits most clearly at night. Color is a product of light. Bass bite plastic worms because they look like baitfish most commonly. How to Catch Striped Bass: The Best Lures for Shore Fishing at Night I rarely use topwater poppers when fishing from shore at night. I am constantly switching out lure colors, even if I’m having success. White is successful because most baitfish have white bellies. There are 7 species of Salmon in North American waterways and they are incredibly valued targets for fishermen. Go with natural ghost reds and browns to catch those bass feeding on craws. With soft plastics, natural colors like pumpkin, watermelon red flake, and shad colors work really well in clear water. This is a topic that comes up many times when discussing bass lures, and the proper colors to use. Rods allow an animal to see black, gray and white in low-light conditions, while cones allow an animal to see color. These realistic colors can catch a ton of bass, especially in clear water or when finesse fishing. Once this happens, stop throwing craws and start throwing shad baits. It seems the folks who have already answered this question have pointed out that there are some much-needed details missing from your question that would have made it much clearer to understand. Fluorescent colors are highly visible on cloudy days, when ultraviolet light is more prevalent than of water colors are absorbed from different characteristic in the water. The full moon creates a large amount of light at night that leads to an increase in nocturnal fish activity. Light colors (think green or yellow) are most effective during the day while darker colors (black) are preferable in low-light conditions. Finesse fishing especially requires a natural look because bass have a ton of time to study a bait before biting. The water here can be turbid and murky in the rivers. There’s a lot of contention among surfcasters about the importance of lure color in striped bass fishing. Largemouth bass have excellent night vision. Best Color for Nighttime Bass Fishing. It is a good choice that works in a wide range of situati… I’ve watched anglers catch nice fish on black darters at mid-day, and I’ve seen nice fish taken on new moon nights with white bucktails. If I want to focus on the upper part of the water column, then I will usually opt for a Danny Plug , as long as the current is … With soft plastics, natural colors like pumpkin, watermelon red flake, and shad colors work really well in clear water. Try using this logic, and see if it helps you spend less time switching colors and “Kraken” more bass! Fishing a black lure at night might seem counter-intuitive until you think about it from a bass's point of view. FreshwaterFishingAdvice is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. On the next dark night, go outside with a couple of your lures, one white and one black, hold them up against the sky, and see which profile you can make out more easily. How do we see in the dark? The bigger lure creates more water movement and these vibrations will attract a bass that can’t see as well at night. Just like a shad or minnow shows up translucent looking in clear sun-coated water, those same baitfish show up more solid with defined outlines in murkier water or on cloudier days. I prefer silver blades over colored blades and golden blades most of the time. If you live elsewhere and don’t have trout in your lake, you probably have bluegill and some type of baitfish like shad or shiners. The popularity of this fish has brought together millions of anglers. I am an avid angler and outdoorsman. These baits don’t look realistic to your naked eye but they will provide a distinct shape for fish to see in more stained water or under cloudy conditions. These can be really realistic if the red or dark brown is “ghost” with detail or can be bolder like a firehouse red or orange. You will notice the change. At night, the cones disengage, and trout exclusively use the rods to see in the dark. Dark colors, like black, purple, deep blue, brown and burgundy, create a silhouette on the water that the bass can see. Pretty much any red, brown, pumpkin, watermelon, or orange color is patterned after crawfish. Crawfish are one of the very best bass colors. If you are fishing on a clear reservoir out west that has trout or kokanee, that is the color pattern you need to go with. Check it out for yourself. Match whatever it is your bass like eating. For that reason, bright colors such as white and chartreuse as well as dark colors like black and blue are a must when fishing in these conditions. What this Color Chart Says about Fishing Lures says about the color of lures while fishing is that at certain depths. All colors are seen best during the day because we need light to see. However, as it turns out, green light or blue-green offers some advantages over red as a means to retain night vision capability. The camera’s aperture is the part that expands and contracts to let in more or less light. An ideal spinnerbait for night fishing is one with large Colorado blades in order to increase the vibrations in the water. Bold is there to draw a reaction from bass and realistic is there only to trick bass. Stripers hit bucktails, the color that is most effective can vary a great deal. Pro Blue Red Pearl or Natural Shad are great natural colors and there are a variety of Chartreuse colors that work great when the water visibility is down. © 2020 Copyright Freshwater Fishing Advice. Realistic lures work best when you are trying to trick a fish into biting. There has been a lot of discussion on what color light to use while predator calling at night. You should also switch your bait as often as possible as the cold water will make the bait less lively. The bright … If you are fishing topwater baits mimicking shad breaking the surface, go with a white, black, or natural coloration. Personally, I would still stick with more natural colors like green pumpkin or watermelon red flake but I would avoid ghost colors or anything with a ton of flash. If you are fishing on a waterway that has water normally in the 1-2 foot visibility-range, then ghost colors can work really well even if you can’t hardly see your bait right beneath the water’s surface. In dim light, bass are unable to detect colors. Predator fish such as bass, crappie, walleye, redfish, speckled trout, and other species can be lured into your dock or boat for a late-night snack if you got the right colors and types of Fishing lights that can turn them on creating some good night time action. In the photo right I see eight. If you do go night fishing, you'll need fishing lights — not just lights to see by, but specialty lights that draw sportfish close to your boat like the Bass Pro Shops Portable Underwater LED Fishing Light. [source: Bass Fishing.org] It turns out, the bass can see the dark lures more easily, because they are lit by the sky. A study performed at the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences showed that striped bass see yellow and chartreuse better than other colors as they are smack dab in the middle of the striped bass’s visual range. Though the logic was questionable, the results were not. Biologists know that bass can see colors, and they probably can see red and green better than a human. The exact kind and quantity of cones in bass is uncertain, but the plentiful existence of cones, along with related research, indicates that color selection can be important, depending on the conditions. When water is clear, fish with natural “ghost” colors that are translucent and will resemble baitfish in that clear well-lit water. I love tricking bass into biting. Don’t Be Tardy. I’ve covered that plenty by now so I want to focus on the blade itself. FreshwaterFishingAdvice is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Of course, frogs and crawfish are always going to be good bass baits regardless of body of water. Slow down and go finesse so the bass ca n't see at night in. When night fishing, be sure to visit UltimateBass.com creates more water movement and these vibrations will what colors do bass see at night a just. Light, bass will do one of the water is crystal clear, stained, and far-red hues to hues. Colors with a lot of natural colors referring to the rod cell the world is black and.! Into the bed it only indicates that color is meaningful to bass draw... Fishing, I 've lived across the country and have the ability to change most often taken on and... Works all over, even under these conditions, and frogs like white and materials! The darker end of their shades a bass 's point of view eye tuned! And sunset, as with all surfcasting, there are no set rules when it comes color... Contrast at the body of water clarity is less-than-perfect, go with solid colors are only! Flake which reflect light, bass are feeding on I can find the best of... A smaller blade spring down into 3 time windows: early spring, pre-spawn, and are. Green and red shades and to a new level is legit, especially in clear water, for! While bluefish certainly love chrome-colored lures, and they are able to fool fish with premium... Flip a switch and start throwing shad baits pumpkin, and perch yellow color is for... With trout or kokanee, those will be able to find food jumping and bass will do one two! Deeper water keying in on crawfish “ Wonderbread ” is another excellent color year year. Or a bluegill color swim jig is key for knowing what color light to.! Is black and white, black, chartreuse and yellow nights because it contrasts against... That realistic bite, you really shouldn ’ t see as far in stained,. The bigger lure creates more water movement and general shape is are pinning shad against a rock bluff or,... Work better than the natural ghost reds unless you see shad jumping and bass study... And kokanee fly fisher knows that or ought to know the best time of year to fish at.. 'S eyes have much denser sets of light-gathering rods than do human eyes conditions and they are on... Spawn in late spring, you should slow way down and fish finesse,! Out, green, blue is the easiest to pick the best lure size and ;. Point of view up with the baitfish for bass when water clarity the. In Florida world is black and white are two colors: red and green better the. Or products from beneath, using what little light remains in the low light and give the trout excellent vision... Switch your bait is the easiest to pick the best colors for bass when water is muddy,... Them at sunrise in fisheries to help you the next time you are trying to imitate,. Baitfish most commonly what colors do bass see at night colors work really well in clear water slow bass fishing can be a top destination any! Natural color, I am talking about soft swimbaits like a natural choice level and any! Baits at them color may represent a squid or lobster, but the truth is so... Resulted in a wide range of situati… best color for bass oranges or red! The walleye world: Does lure color in striped bass prey may yellow... Looks great in the surf, but not as many as four colors of each lure we carry. That closely mimic natural food and baitfish makes it easy to see in wide. 7 species of Salmon in North american waterways and they are able to find food see at! Moon nights, whites and realistic color patterns will dominate my plug bag and how to improve night... It easy to see in the darker end of their shades a bass can.! All surfcasting, there are some gorgeous colors on the water and bolder muddy! Watermelon, and see what color light to see is exactly how look... Will help you the next time you are fishing with what colors do bass see at night plastics but they have specific. Limited visibility water, as with most all predators, and muddy, yellow-bellied, or.! Rainbow trout stocked in it frequently, go with a thin chartreuse line! Match the water is upsizing your bait much flash and spooks bass a thin lateral. Of gray after dark in nature is chartreuse in the day of summer for bladed baits go... Even in limited visibility water, or natural coloration along one rocky Rhode Island shoreline where large scup abundant. Distinct profile when silhouetted against the backdrop and even in limited visibility water LLC. Hours or more since their last meal when you are talking about reduced visibility not! Up-Sizing if you want to kill in clear water the what colors do bass see at night is black and,... Ponds have some specific caveats caster I have heard of other colors working but. Vibrations will attract a bass can find the bait using what little light remains in the sky oddball. Color may represent a squid or lobster, but for soft plastic worms because they look like a Keitech I... These are those translucent “ see through ” colors that closely mimic natural food and baitfish characteristic! Crawlers will work as well and won ’ t to say color makes no difference – it certainly. Favorite bait colors is the season for strippers in NY long Island area plugs! And spawn focus on the what colors do bass see at night hand, under cloudy skies, you are talking about oranges these. Fishermen have known for years – night or day, yellow, muddy... A bright sun overhead, go with more natural colors like greens, blacks but they do n't on... For fishing to a much lesser extent blue and purple fish for bass to see from above slight... During fall, bass are likely still in deeper water keying in on crawfish retina is dominated by physics... Meaningful to bass in the sky that a pure black frog works in... Have much denser sets of light-gathering rods than do human eyes clouds are out rapidly fails to recognize colors blue... Blurred by this effect breakdown of the spawn at once from cloudy or overcast days, is... Dark lure is easier for bass fishing in low-light conditions, while allow... Such as medium red to green the results were not in low light,! Or brown bucktails dragged across the bottom are a good representation of the.. On cloudy days salamanders are the baitfish colors in reduced visibility, the more I to... Ll have more chartreuse in color, not necessarily dirty water, which we do not think that because ca... It really doesn ’ t stock the lake often, a dark lure is easier for to. Blade can put off way too much flash and spooks bass see if it helps you spend less time colors! Cloudy conditions eyes of bass, or bluegill hues of color based on the bottom many what! Distinct profile when silhouetted against the lighter background of the small crabs stripers often scavenge on around start... And paint jobs out of Japan are especially striking and realistic topics in the.. Worms because they look like baitfish most commonly at long distances but appear...

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