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8 watching. The sky’s NOT the limit: Vintage plane parts destined for the scrap heap are reborn as furniture. A finished Delta One desk, made from the tail of a DC-9 aircraft, at MotoArt Studios. Come fly with Boeing's collection of home accessories that … Bae 146 Exhaust Lamp. 11. 7. What … Some people and companies are salvaging old military and civilian aircraft parts to create lavish furniture that is probably is the definition of functional art. Everything from the nose to the tail can be transformed into a bespoke statement piece of furniture. Examples include altimeters, cockpit gauges, airspeed indicators, engine oil gauges, and amp-meters. We offer an unique collection that contains the wing desk / airplane desk, an airplane table (lounge table), very rare ejection seats, vintage aircraft propellors and world war 2 long … An original set was made as part of Kevin’s Supersized Salvage, Kevin McCloud’s channel4 programme from 2014. MotoArt is a team of designers who transform airplane parts into sleek, highly polished modern pieces of furniture, like bed, chair, table and coach. Superbly finished airplane furniture made from authentic airplane parts and vintage aviation collectables that combine well together with one another. WWII Dimmer Switch 5c/724 Type E. Spitfire Hurricane etc. We also create recycled iron drum art furniture. Jet engine ceiling fan. aviationflyingfurniture. AN aircraft engineer who specialises in making bespoke furniture from parts of planes has started one of his most ambitious projects to date. If you are looking for something very special and unique our John & Sylvia Reid … 12. 10. Our Aviation designs can be seen in AllSaints Clothing Stores across the UK. Raf Mk1 Practice Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet. Intrepid Design is a unique partnership of design and craftsmanship. RAF Harrier Pressure Gauge Aircraft parts. This is where pieces of old and end of life aviation parts are transformed into stunning bespoke aviation furniture. Furniture built with style in mind. Returns accepted. 16. The desk sells for $32,500. Aircraft Parts Inc Penny & Giles Potentiometer Box Full Sold As … For starters, the C-119 Rudder Desk is a piece that has been stripped down to show the bones of the original 1940’s design. Parts Of A Jet Engine Form A Shower. Headquartered in Bali, Indonesia. Repurposed From Scrap. 13. 13. Types of aircraft parts for sale in the UK. 8. Bespoke Automotive Furniture & Accessories. Worldwide. I love to mix up the theory of what’s fundamentally regarded as interior and exterior furnishings – it properly messes with people heads and our Car Sofa, and Homes Bars are the best examples of this slightly warped thought process since our concrete furniture … CAUTION: Some instruments may need to be sent by courier due to UK and European postal restrictions. Stick with me, I promise its good. Jet Engine Titanium Rotor Turned Into A Mirror. Evolutionary Design for … Our cool Aviation Furniture range has become a big trend in many UK British homes, after the inspirational ideas seen in the Daily Mail newspaper article on up-cycling a B-727 aircraft in New York in 2012. Stunning and original, these objects add a touch of luxury & individuality to any room in your home or workplace. Sold items. All From Boats is the orginal Bali boat wood furniture manufacturer in Indoneisa. Jet Engine Ceiling Fan. About Us We have a large amount of ex-military aircraft parts, instruments and equipment suitable for static use or, subject to inspection and overhaul, for further use in airworthy aircraft. Free postage. 12. Fallen Furniture. a striking collection made from solid ash and ash veneers. We give you Smither’s Car Furniture and Vintage Home Bars. Each section of pipe is unique making each bird box an … 15. At final flight furniture with our team of highly skilled artisans transform genuine, historic decommissioned aircraft pieces into beautiful, unique furniture. unknown aircraft instrument panel. Jet engine parts repurposed as a … Aero Art shop. The Aircraft Bird Boxes are weather-proof bird houses made from intricate and unusually shaped fresh air ducting from an Airbus A320 passenger jet. Still boxed Table and wine rack made from a jet engine propeller. 14. Aero-1946. All From Boats | The Boat Wood Furniture Company. 10. READ MORE. It is really impressive to see those recycled furnishings and sure to please every airplane enthusiast’s flight of fancy. Wall mounted plane art and unique designer pieces of furniture such as desks and beds. Article from The sky’s NOT the limit: Vintage plane parts destined for the scrap heap are reborn as furniture Californian company Motoart manufacture chairs, desks, bars and beds, made from plane scrap - including wings, doors and engine cowls. This website is an online resource about the facilities engaged in the storage, reclamation and disassembly of aircraft. European Union. ENGINE TABLE UK. We offer a full range of reclaimed boat wood furniture and accessoires for wholesale and retail. Whether you are an aircraft or automobile enthusiast, a restoration company looking for original parts, an individual looking for spares or collector, we will no doubt have something here for you.

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